Your home is your safe space

When you think it cannot get any wilder in the outside world, you still get surprised these days. Many of us have been heart-broken over the situation in the world. It is simply not possible to get control over what is happening, but what you can control is, what you feel inside and how that affects your environment. Also, your most personal environment: Your home. Make it your safe space, the ultimate place of love and coziness. Your place of well-being, in which you can take a break from everything when needed.

The new season comes with bright colours, which will have a positive effect on your mind and different textures that add a nice variety to your home décor. The FULL MOON cushion come in the most beautiful colour combinations in a gorgeous quilted organic cotton fabric. Combine them with other colourful items or with rather muted colors. The same works with the new RIO throw which comes with stripes in various colours. To add a pop element, choose our hand-tufted CHECK rug, which comes in off-white mixed with lavender, blue or pink.

A more neutral but also playful series is our NAKED DANCE series. Find cushions, bed covers and bed end-spreads in off-white with black embroidered dancing bodies. Also rather neutral but with very soft colors, you will find our new jute rugs SOMERSET, CADIZ, CORNWALL and GUATEMALA. These rugs are so diverse that you can perfectly combine them with any interior style.

These and many more items are waiting waiting for you to discover them. We hope to be able to encourage you to let colour and positivity into your life with this new autumn | winter collection.