Re-used materials is the future

Liv Interior is a German interior-company with focus on textiles. Behind the company stands her founder and designer Tina Mirza, and she works with a yet small field of the interior market – the sustainable part. The product line from Liv Interior mainly consists of sustainable products made from re-used materials or organic grown cotton.

Baskets with a background

For this new spring summer season 2018, Liv Interior has decided to put the light on original elephant grass baskets made by women in Rwanda. Craftswomen in Rwanda use timeless tradition to weave carefully dyed sisal fibers and sweet grass to make stunning one of the kind pieces rich in cultural meaning and purpose.

Hello Mama!

This sunday we will honor all wonderful mom´s all over the world. It´s Mom´s day! "Moms are simply the best" is not just a saying: No one else can hold a childs hand so safely, can blow away all our pains like a good fairy and can bake the world´s best pancakes like a mother!

A fairytale-like reincarnation - From a plastic bottle to a liv rug

“Once upon a time in a land far, far away…” are the first words of our beloved fairytales and there is actually no better intro to today’s blog post. Do you remember that lovely feeling as a child, when someone read you a fairytale? Take your time, wrap yourself up in your cozy blanket and enjoy a coffee or tea from your favorite mug. Ask one of your loved ones to read you this post. Here we go!

„When I’ll be grown up, I am going to be a liv rug“, said the cotton thread...

The past few years our collection has enlarged and offers now a bigger range of rugs and bath mats. During an interview Tina once answered the question why she decided to add rugs to her collection as follows: „The effect of a rug is immense. It can change the whole character of your interior“. The cotton rugs from our collection are handmade, but affordable so that even young families can afford to buy a goodlooking rug which has not been produced in a mass production and most of all: it was produced under fair conditions.