Hello Mama!

This sunday we will honor all wonderful mom´s all over the world. It´s Mom´s day!

"Moms are simply the best" is not just a saying: No one else can hold a childs hand so safely, can blow away all our pains like a good fairy and can bake the world´s best pancakes like a mother!

What kind of person is she, surrounded by heavenly magic and forever in our hearts?

What type of mom is your mom or what type of mom are you?

The "romantic mom", who - like a fairy - brings wilted flowers back to life, who is pastell coloured by heart, and who radiates her gently warmth soft pink into the world. 

Romantic Mom

The "maritime mom", who is the solid anchor in the raging surf, who believes in maritime striped shirts as a style element and not a fashion trend and who would never travel the mountains for a holiday.

Maritime Mom

The "50s mom", who can´t be diverted from her Rockabilly look, who is essentially looking through her vintages glasses from a Rock´n Roll point of view and she believes life just makes no sense without a retro clock in the kitchen?

50s Mom

The "puristic mom", who retains a vision of timeless elegance, who in general believes in "less is more" and simply is a woman of classic pure looks.

Puristic Mom

The "rock star mom", who somehow does everything in a different way than all the other moms, who believes that black truly IS a colour and her lifestyle is travelling the "Route66" and not the "Highway to Hell".

Rock Star Mom

The "silver mom", who´s surrounded by this calming bliss, who radiates a unicorm moderate serenity and who forever and always has enriching responses to every single question.

Silver Mom

Let us know what type of mom your mom is or what type of mom you are?

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All pictures by: 

Magdalena Fleckenstein


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