sustainable living


As often as possible, we use materials that can be reused and brought to new life again. So far we have been working with yarn made of recycled plastic bottles, recycled linen, recycled cotton, with reclaimed brass as well as recycled glass. In this way, when a product reaches the end of its life, its materials are kept within the economy.


Our products are all hand made as we wish to support handicraft, which is slowly disappearing in a world that is focussing on mass production and rapidity. By supporting handicraft in small workshops, we make sure that this cultural heritage can be passed on to the next generation. Our CEO Tina is regularly visiting our manufacturers and makes sure, the employees are working under safe conditions and all of our rugs are GoodWeave certified (


More often than not regular cotton is genetically manipulated or treated with pesticides and other chemicals, to make the cotton grow faster and not be attacked by pests. Furthermore, to prevent the soil from being leached, artificial fertilisers are being used. Organic cotton, on the other hand, can do without chemical treatments. Moreover, crop rotation and natural fertilisers help protecting the soil. Pesticides are not being used at all for the growth of organic cotton.


Our rugs made of recycled cotton are either made of recycled discarded clothes, being mechanically recycled into new yarn without the use of dyes (for instance the HERRINGBONE or MOON series) or of cotton excess from the textile industry (like the HILLS or DIAMONDS rugs and cushions).


The base of our outdoor rugs is polyethylenterephtalat, which we gain from recycled plastic bottles. There are up to 750 PET bottles in a 140x200cm sized rug! The bottles get cleaned and cut into pieces before the material is begin melted. From the melted material we can then create a fine yarn with which our weavers can weave gorgeous rugs.